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Importers and downstream users placing hazardous mixtures on the market, and distributors who modify the label or packaging for hazardous mixtures, need to notify the ingredients in those mixtures classified as hazardous for physical effects and/or health effects.

Deadlines for the PCN notification are closing fast:

-for mixtures for consumer use: from 1st of January 2021;

-for mixtures for professional use: from 1st of January 2021;

-for mixtures for industrial use: from 1st of January 2024.

What you need to consider when preparing for successful PCN submission?

To submit a PCN notification on your own, you first have to have a good in-house regulatory expert who will, together with your sales and marketing team, prepare a product strategy and set up a company account with ECHA.

Only then you can start collecting product information, enter data in ECHA, validate your PCN dossier, submit it, get the success status and later on track all the possible changes.

That's why we're here to do the time consuming work for you

Bens Consulting experts will deliver a fast, affordable and professional PCN submission process.

We will cover all the 6 steps needed for the successful PCN notification.

Full Chemius Expert Service

UFI & Poison Centre Submission Service

  • ECHA Account setup
  • UFI Generation
  • Data gap analysis and compilation of required info
  • Application, validation and PCN Submission
  • Everything included in the One time submission service +
  • PCN Application updates & management
  • Full SDS documents for 30+ markets with annual updates and compliance guarantee
  • Label and plant safety instructions
  • Full UFI, PCN status management
  • PCN Application updates included
  • Access to my.Chemius and permalinks to documentation

One time submission service includes:

Full SDS, label, PCN & UFI service:

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Get custom offer

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Things you might be curious about

1. Do I need to submit PCN and generate UFI code?

2. What is the difference between UFI & PCN?

3. Our company is registered outside the European Union, does this apply to us?

UFI stands for Unique Formula Identifier, and you can generate it quite quickly. You will need your company VAT number and a mixture specific formulation number (any number between 0 and 268 435 455). Entering this information into the UFI Generator will generate your unique UFI code.

UFI works to link a specific product to the submitted mixture information (You do this via PCN submission). That is why generating a Unique Formula Identifier (UFI), and printing or affixing it on the product label is an industry obligation.

It’s important to stress out that the UFI code alone on the label is not enough. The UFI itself does not do anything. You have to submit it along with other elements needed for harmonized information according to Annex VIII to the CLP.

PCN stands for Poison Centre Notification which is submitted via the PCN portal. It is a centralized portal provided by ECHA and especially considering the national Member State systems as final receivers of the information submitted electronically.

You can read more on this topic HERE >>

Article 45 places direct submission obligations to importers and downstream users based in the European Economic Area, i.e. Members States of the European Union and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. These operators, when placing hazardous mixtures on the market, have to submit information according to Annex VIII to Regulation 1272/2008 (Classification, Labelling and Packaging; CLP) to the relevant appointed body.

Nevertheless, all operators in the supply chain have the obligation to make sure they place on the market mixtures which are in compliance with CLP as a whole, as stated in article 4(10). This means that distributors (in particular rebranders/labelers or companies distributing a mixture in another Member State) may need to submit the notification themselves if the relevant information is not included in a submission made by the supplier.

Deadlines are closing fast:

-for mixtures for consumer use: from 1 January 2021;

-for mixtures for professional use: from 1 January 2021;

-for mixtures for industrial use: from 1 January 2024.

Non-EU companies may apply for voluntary notification by appointing a legal entity in the EEA for PCN submission. At BENS Consulting we can act as your appointed legal entity. Get in touch with us for more information HERE.

4. What data do you need to prepare before submitting the application?

For a legal entity:

1.Name and full address of the company

2.VAT number

3.Contacts (name, surname, email, phone)

4.ECHA account and its authorization

For each product:

1.Safety datasheet


3.Packaging information (e.g. bottle, 150 ml; can, 500 ml; bag, 80 kg; etc.)

4.Detailed composition information (100% composition information)

5.Target member states

6.UFI number (if already available), or

7.Formulation number (custom/internal formulation identification number (any number between 1 and 268 435 455))

5. Why do I have to update & manage PCN dossier & UFI code?

Let us look at a few examples when an update of the submitted PCN notification is required:

1. Addition of new information (adding a new trade name, adding a new UFI - for example when placing a new product with a new UFI and the composition remains the same, new packaging, new toxicological information)

2. Replacement of no longer relevant information with new information (for example new classification of the mixture following changes in classification criteria, new contact information for rapid access to additional product information)

You can read more on this topic HERE >>

6. What does the service process look like with us?

We believe it’s pretty straight forward.

1.We ask you first to fill out the requested information on this web page.

2.After that, you'll receive a short form to help us understand your industry needs and expectations.

3.Upon receiving your information our chemical consultants will successfully finish the service & deliver you an invoice.

7. Why do I need to fill out the requested information on this web page?

We will always keep your personal information safe and in accordance with the GDPR. We don't spam, promise.

We ask for your information in exchange for a valuable resource and in order to

(a) send you an invoice for the service

(b) deliver you successfully done service. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

The form on this web page does not oblige you to order or pay for any of our services.

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Bens Consulting can be your appointed legal entity for PCN submission.

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