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Let BENS Consulting regulatory experts generate UFI codes & submit PCN notifications for your chemicals.

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Not an EU company?

-Your business involves the supply of hazardous mixtures to the EU market, directly or through your distribution network.

-The mixtures you supply are classified as hazardous on the basis of their health and physical effects in accordance with the CLP Regulation (Regulation 1272/2008 on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures).

Non-EU companies may apply for voluntary notification by appointing a legal entity in the EEA for PCN submission. At BENS Consulting we can act as your appointed legal entity.

When do you need to submit PCN and generate UFI codes?

You need to submit PCN and generate UFI codes if:

What can BENS Consulting do for you?

1. Generate a Unique Formula Identifier (UFI)

Before generating an UFI it is advisable to answer some of the main strategic questions that will directly affect your Safety Data Sheets, Labels and entire supply chain involved with your products. We will help you with that and generate the UFI(s).

2. Prepare data and submit the application via the IUCLID Cloud

We'll make data gap analysis for you, help you collect relevant information and guide you through the entire process.

3. Monitor the status

A poison centre notification is complete when we get the "success" status. Until then, we'll regularly check for the status and update the dossier if needed.

4. Track & manage

After notification is complete, we'll keep things updated. Tracking modifications and updating notifications is just as important as is submitting them. This is optional and available only with the Chemius Expert service.

Do you also need safety data sheets?

Ask for full Chemius® Expert Service which includes:

-Safety data sheets authoring

-EEA-wide PCN notification

-2 free-of-charge revisions in 2 years


-Safety data sheets & PCN management application


Our process includes



1. Review and analysis of delivered documentation

2. Consulting and preparation of notification strategy

3. Managing an ECHA account

4. Generating UFI codes according to the chosen strategy

5. Preparation of data for PCN notifications

6. Application submission

7.Obtaining a certificate of notification (obtaining a PCN number and submission number)

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25 years and running

BENS Consulting group has been in the market since 1995 and has been trusted by more than 700 clients from 20 countries around the world. So far we’ve created over 120.000 Safety Data Sheets for more than 45.000 products and we handle over 1500 Safety Data Sheets on a monthly basis. Our clients sell their chemicals in more than 30 markets around the globe. We help you with personal, professional, and fast access to essential information for the entire field of chemical regulatory requirements, whether it’s REACH, biocides, transport of dangerous goods, PCN submission, general chemical compliance or expert training and auditing.

Bens Consulting can be your appointed legal entity for PCN submission.

Meet the BENS Consulting team

We help more than 700 clients from 20 countries around the world meet chemical regulatory requirements.

What our clients say about us?

"... Then I came across BENS Consulting. After a short request I got directly an answer with the offer to send a safety data sheet. Shortly thereafter I received the data sheet in the desired languages and in our company layout. From then on the choice was not difficult and I asked BENS Consulting to manage our safety data sheets.The creation of the sheets went very fast, also the translation into other languages was no problem and the quality is very high. My notes to the data sheets were converted very quickly to my full satisfaction. The contact to BENS Consulting is very friendly and uncomplicated. The costs are dependent on the number of data sheets, and are therefore well calculated."

Dr. Daniel Jaspers,

Head of Chemical Development,

Hermes Fassadenreinigung GmbH

"The processing time is very short and all questions are answered quickly. It's a pleasure to work with such a competent partner. We can recommend Bens Consulting with a clear conscience."

Karin Scharl, Mag.

Helga Stolz VertriebsgmbH

"I recommend your company to each potential client, since your company excels in professionalism and flexibility, thus providing simple solutions in the shortest time possible."

Janez Brajnik,

Sales representative for Slovenia,

Rothenberger GmbH

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